Our Management Team

All promoted from within, these individuals bring invaluable years of experience and company knowledge to their leadership.

headshot of Paul Bussiere
Paul started his SFC career in 1994 as a Sales Analyst.
Paul Bussiere
President / Chief Executive Officer
Charlie started his SFC career in 1984 as a Budget Manager.
Charlie Smith
Chief Financial Officer
headshot of Deb Lahteine
Deb began her SFC career in 1993 as a Sales Temp.
Deb Lahteine
Senior Vice President
portrait of jeff annis
Jeff started his SFC career in 1983 as an Office Manager.
Jeffrey Annis
Vice President of Administration
headshot of Mike Brazel
Michael started his SFC career in 1983 as a POS & Draught Service Coordinator.
Michael Brazel
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
portrait of jay frary
Jay started his SFC career in 2003 as a Sales Representative.
Jay Frary
Vice President of Wine & Spirits
portrait of Maressa Porter
Maressa started her SFC career in 2004 as a Sales Analyst.
Maressa Porter
Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer