Reducing Our Environmental Impact

aerial view of jones river behind l knife offices

Change Comes
From Within

At Sheehan Family Companies, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact through effective sustainability practices. We recognize when it come to ensuring a better tomorrow for all of us- the change has to come from within.

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The objective of 20by25 is to achieve a 20% reduction in both carbon emissions and waste, collectively as Sheehan Family Companies, by 2025.


20% Reduction in Waste

Our goal for 20by25 is to not only reduce our collective waste, but also increase recycling at our locations. We are educating our network of distributors on how to accomplish both while maintaining efficiency.

two SFC delivery trucks

20% Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Through identifying opportunities to improve energy practices and implementing sustainable initiatives, we’re working to reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing controllable building and fleet carbon emissions throughout our network of distributors.